I believe the below is a good framework (https://fs.blog/reversible-irreversible-decisions/#:~:text=Make%20reversible%20decisions%20as%20soon,and%20not%20making%20a%20decision.) in most cases:

Once you learn to see decisions through the lens of reversible and irreversible, everything changes. It also changes how you make decisions.

Make reversible decisions as soon as possible and make irreversible decisions as late as possible.

When decisions are reversible, make them fast. Your biggest risk is dragging your feet and not making a decision. The cost to acquire additional information isn’t worth the effort.

When decisions are irreversible, slow them down. The biggest risk is making the wrong decision. The cost to get the information we need to reduce uncertainty is worth the time and effort.

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Two quotes come to mind: Buffett talks about waiting for the perfect fat pitch, not having to swing at anything less than perfect (EG, you can wait for 1000 pitches). The other is something to the effect of, "when you say the first thing that comes to your lips, you will live to regret it."

Deliberate micropauses (and maxi-pauses, too) are a huge part of my life.

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